Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Commie humor

In a New York Times story about "crusading peasant" Wu Lihong's fight against the polluters of China's third-largest freshwater lake:
One summer afternoon in 2002, Mr. Wu went out on an errand and saw a banner stretched across the main road downtown. It read: “Warmly welcome the police to arrest Wu Lihong for committing blackmail in the name of environmentalism.”

Mr. Wu told friends he initially suspected that the banner was hung by local factory bosses to intimidate him. But when he went to the police to complain, he found a stack of placards with the same exhortation in the police station. The police had erected the banner themselves, and they detained him on the spot.
As Jonah Goldberg (I think) says: High-larious.

Update: Yarney-varney! I forgot to say, via Tim Blair.

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