Monday, October 15, 2007

Information, please

A sockpuppet at CU ethnic studies instructor Ben Whitmer's filthy Try-Works blog asks your darling D-blog a series of questions:

PWood Says:

Do you taste Bens scrotum in your mouth when you dream jgm? Do you think about him when you lick your dogs dick? When you assfuck your uglyass wife? Do you write him love letters? Do you fantasize about him the way you been fantasizing about the Glenns [NQWS]? I think youre in love you obsessed motherfucker.

To which practically the only sane people who comment at Try-Works (including me) reply:

What the Says:

^ A proud graduate of CU Boulder.

Laurie Says:

Learned on the knee of his esteemed instructor.

Ain't it the truth. But for the record, PWood, Bloodbath Boy and I are just good friends.

Remember, folks, Ben Whitmer is allowed to instruct students at CU.

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