Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To coin a phrase, Ward Churchill merely tip of plagiarism iceberg

Albeit a fat tip. A piece in the Grauniad today mentions America's favorite fake Indian:

This week at Durham University, professors are investigating whether a former dean of the business school is guilty of plagiarism.

Professor Tony Antoniou resigned this month over allegations he copied the work of his peers for his DPhil thesis and a later journal article. He remains a professor of finance at the university.

Meanwhile, at Wolverhampton University, lawyers are preparing for the tribunal of a senior lecturer who is appealing against being dismissed for plagiarism.

Further afield, allegations of plagiarism by academics are flying.

Six professors and the director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences were last month accused of fraudulently republishing their own material in different journals. One of the professors has claimed he was being framed.

At about the same time, a faculty panel discussed claims that sections of the doctoral dissertation of the president of Southern Illinois University, Glenn Poshard, were lifted from original works. They ruled it had been unintentional.

In July, Ward Churchill, a professor at the University of Colorado, was dismissed for committing academic misconduct by plagiarising and falsifying his research.

"The cases we hear about are probably just the tip of the iceberg," say Jude Carroll, a plagiarism expert at Oxford Brookes University, and Mike Reddy, a member of the Plagiarism Advisory Service for universities, students and academics.
Worth reading.

Update: PB links to a video puff piece on the two (count 'em!) radical ex-professors teaching free classes at CU this fall--and the wedgeheads who love them. I'll call it: "Guerilla Style":

So full of themselves you cringe watching it.

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