Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fascists on cots

The Secret Service, FBI, and a thousand Colorado National Guard troops will stay in area college dorms while providing security for the Democratic National Convention next August, according to the Denver Post.

The few thousand men and women who come here to guard the conventioneers and, by extension, the related hordes of media, lobbyists and visitors likely will find space at university dorms, on cots, and doubled up in whatever peripheral hotel rooms are available. Agents say it's a regrettable but common practice.

"The laws of supply and demand often dictate that we're not in a competitive position when we're looking for rooms," said Robert J. Garrity, Denver's new FBI special agent in charge. . . .

So no biggie. Here's the good part:

The Colorado Army National Guard is considering housing 1,000 troops on campuses, some Denver-area university officials said.

Johnson & Wales University Denver campus president Bette Matkowski hopes they'll stay in the university's dorms near Stapleton for 10 days surrounding the convention, which is set for Aug. 25-28.

That's news: a thousand National Guardspersons (with their full complement, one assumes, of tear gas, pepper spray, stun grenades, rubber bullets, bean-bag guns, armored personnel carriers--the newly deployed "Corrie Crusher"--and big fucking sticks), ten minutes (well, 15) from the Pepsi Center.

Of course, Recreate68!'s Glenn Spagnuolo probably already knows all this, privy, as he's been made, to the Man's preparations.

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