Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Night at the Radio!

Jack Benny night, of course. This one is known to Bennyists as the "Drear Pooson Fluff" show. Drew Pearson was a famous newspaper columnist. Right at the beginning Don Wilson calls him Drear Pooson. This leads to an ad lib much later in the show. This is a great one, with guests Frank Sinatra, Rosalind Russell, Michael Romanoff, owner of the then-famous Hollywood restaurant (checking notes) Romanoff's, and a stupid dog (8 January 1950) .

An Information Please with the usuals plus CBS correspondent and future popular historian Bill "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" Shirer and actor/writer/witty guy Christopher Morley (remember how he was force-fed his own little poodles in Theater of Blood? Now that's wit) (December 1942).

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