Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Worst. Powerfist. EVER.

Refuse and Resist is some variety of commie-anarchist site. I'd never heard of it before, but William Kunstler lent his threadbare name to its organizing committee way back in '87, so it must, I thought, be a good'un.

It's not bad. Refuse and Resist decries police brutality, holds an annual "Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers," links to the websites of Lynne Stewart and Cindy Sheehan (check out Ghandi looking down approvingly on Cindy et. al. Impeace Bush!), and laves Mumia. It also has an artists' section ("We Will Not Be Silent!") and a link dump to various articles of general leftoid interest.

So Refuse and Resist is right in there with the Z-Nets and Counterpunches and somewhat to the right of the totalitarian comedy stylings of MIM--and a perfectly decent target for mockery. But that idea went overboard when I noticed their "logo." Look on it and shudder:

The fist says Resist!: But don't we have to Refuse! first?

Beyond incompetent

This is without doubt the worst powerfist I've ever seen. It's an embarrassment to serious fist artists everywhere. Let's quickly go over its major flaws:

  • The fist (and I'm sorry to have to point out this disgusting fact) has legs.
  • Legs! I'm going to be sick.

  • That doesn't bother you? Okay, what's with the busted chain and noose around the fist's wrist or waist or whatever it is?

  • I can see a chain, but a noose? Not believable.

  • Why in God's name does the dead yellow lynched fist-with-legs thing appear to be doing The Bump, a "grinded groin" dance of the 1970s?

  • Refuse and Resist doesn't get a nickel out of me (and I was going to join at the $100-a-month level) until that fist is G-O-N gon, baby.

    Update: Somebody should have told me Cindy had a new book out. Well, it doesn't matter. It actually came out April 1, so I'll be able to find it in the dumpster behind the ARC store by now.

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