Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yee! Also haw! It's the Colorado (news) Roundup!

Smile when I say that, pard.

  • Reaction to the Ward Report at the RMN blog is the usual semi-literate back-and-forth among the cognescenti, so just one summatory quote:
    Ward Churchill is the fungating tip of a deeper cancer destroying Universities across the US.
    Fungating. Describes the Drunkablog perfectly. (And notice how the D-blog upped his own vocabularity--"cognescenti," "summatory"-- to honor this fine word?)

  • Letter to the Editor: Where have hippies, their idealism gone? Maybe to Aspen for the summer. And you'll probably find lots of 'em at the Rainbow Gathering next month.

  • Sleeper
  • house sells after four years on the market. According to the News, "The price . . . paid wasn't disclosed, but those familiar with the deal said it sold for less than the asking price of $4.85 million, which already was less than half the original asking price of $10 million."

    Here's the house:

    Can you figure it out? Who wouldn't want to spend $10 million on a "clam-shaped" concrete house overlooking I-70? Woody Allen made a movie there, for Chrissakes!

  • Denver officials warn that they've, uh, misplaced 150,000 voter records.

  • Oops, found (most of) 'em!

  • An unusual manner of death: Sculptor killed by creation for DIA. That mustang was after him, man.
  • Finally, in local perv news, two (!) stories: High school teacher tries to hire teen for fight; and Colorado court: 15-year-olds [maybe even 12-year-olds] can marry under common law.

    Update: Story updated.

  • Update II: RMN: Marriage ruling a "real shocker."

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