Sunday, June 18, 2006

Friends all over

That Ghanaian soccer player who waved an Israeli flag after his team's goals against the Czech Republic yesterday reminded me of the Pentacostalist parade that wandered by my house last year. They waved Israeli flags too. I e-mailed a link to that post to Melanie Phillips, saying something like, "bet you've never seen anything like this before!" and she e-mailed back, "Indeed." Melanie Phillips wrote that in an e-mail. To me.


(via I forget where.)

Update: Natalie at B-BBC notes the "curious" way the BBC handled the story.

Update II: See, "curious" is in quotes because the Beeb's handling of the story ain't. Curious. At all.

Update III: Did I just say I sent an e-mail to Melanie Phillips that read, "Bet you've never seen anything like this before!" And that she replied, "Indeed"?

I'm so embarrassed.

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