Friday, June 30, 2006


We're going to the mountains, or at least to a crude representation thereof, later this weekend, so posting might be funky.

Also, around the 10th I'll be headed to the Drunkablog family confab in Lincoln, Illinois. Here's what I wrote last year about my native land:

You see, Drunkablog's ancestors throve and grew full-'tarded on this land, this "Central" Illinois, with it's babbling brooks and majestic cottonwoods and frolicking deer all long ago drained and cut down and shot so as to concentrate everybody's mind on what's really important: corn.

So it's kind of like, I don't know, a homecoming. And if I don't chicken out from buying one I'll have a laptop and be able (maybe) to post along the road. It's been done to death, but when has that ever stopped &tc.

By the way, can one park outside a wi-fied motel and connect to the internet? That would be very helpful. What about truck stops? Do they generally have wi-fi these days?

Update: Don't forget to move Smiley -4 degrees!

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