Monday, June 05, 2006

Giant throbbing brains to invade Aspen

The Aspen Institute's "Ideas Festival" is July 3-9.

The Post's Bill Husted reports:

So what's the big idea?

The Aspen Institute has a lot of them at the July 3-9 Ideas Festival - bringing together bold-name big thinkers to discuss the issues of the day. [Colorado Democratic Sen.] Ken Salazar is the only local boy on the roster. He had better start cramming.

Other participants include Madeleine Albright, Kurt Anderson, Bruce Babbitt, Atlantic editor James Bennett, Sen. Bob Bennett, William Bennett, Ben Bradlee, Sen. Susan Collins, former Disney boss Michael Eisner, Nora Ephron, National Endowment of the Arts chair Dana Gioia, Alan Greenspan, Arianna Huffington, Norman Lear, Rep. John Lewis, Amherst head Anthony Marx, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell, Queen Noor, Sandra Day O'Connor, Sydney Pollack, Sally Quinn, Cokie Roberts, Bob Schieffer, former Sen. Alan Simpson, Harvard prexy Lawrence Summers and actor Michael York.

What in hell are the two Bennetts doing there? Don't know about the senator, but Bill must still be paying off gambling debts. And in case you were wondering, the Drunkablog was invited, but had to decline because his transportation doesn't run in the summer.

Update: Just noticed that the Short Bus Warriors will soon be bringing their "Special Needs Tour" to a place of involuntary confinement near you.

Update II: Also just noticed that Husted refers to "Harvard prexy Lawrence Summers." Uh, Bill?

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