Thursday, June 01, 2006

Story noted

A couple of bloggers (though I can't find them now) have noted yesterday's USA Today story about the strong religiosity of the Colorado Rockies and how it seems to be, um, working, in that the Rockies, miraculously, are somewhat less horrible than usual.

Ha! I shall repeat: Ha! Only the Drunkablog knows the secret behind the Rockies' ostentatious Christianity and their (temporarily) winning record. The Rockies (individually and corporately) use the cover of faith to conceal the truth: they have sold their souls to the sick, warped, child-molesting cult of a horned being so evil, so corrupt, so downright bad-smelling, that mere humans cannot look upon (or smell) him and remain sane: Dinger!

Update: The USA Today story (but not mine!) was disputed by some of the Rockies today. Once again: Ha!

Update II: Just noticed that Michelle Malkin posted approvingly on the story. She fell for it too. Ha-ha!

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