Monday, June 05, 2006

Z-Net: Euston Manifesto "imperialist"

Somebody in comments the other day mentioned the Euston Manifesto. It's an unamazingly wishy-washy document, but still strong enough to rile up people like Joshua Frank at Z-Net, who says the manifesto "sounds imperialist to me." This, one supposes, means that The Nation contributing editor Marc Cooper and Dissent board member Paul Berman, among others, are imperialists for signing it.* Guess you gotta toe that line, even if it makes you look like an idiot. Cooper better not forget what happened to Christopher Hitchens if he wants to keep his Nation gig.

*And Norm Geras, the manifesto's main author and one of the nicest, most intelligent socialists on the internets! In fact, since Norm put the whole thing together, Frank would have to say he's the biggest imperialist of them all. That makes sense.

Update: This post was rewritten because it sucked. No facts were harmed in the process.

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