Thursday, June 29, 2006

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The other day the D-a-W asked if I could translate a Spanish word for her. This was odd because I don't speak Spanish and she's fluent in it.

Drunkablog: What's the word?

D-a-W (pronouncing): Mahn-eh-ah-ter. You know, with an "er" verb ending.

D: Mahnny ah tare.

D-a-W: Mahn-EH-ah-tare, you blithering fagsicle.

D (Woundedly but proudly, strongly but tenderly, gently but steelily (lilly?) and above all in a deep voice): You know, that was funny for a while, but ever since we went to PrideFest the "fagsicle" stuff's had a little edge to it. Are you once again questioning my manli--forget it. Okay. Mahn-eh-ah-tare. Where'd you see it?

D-a-W: It's a Nelly Furtado song [she sings some of her stuff in Spanish--and in Portuguese and English and a little Hindi, apparently--ed.], but I couldn't figure out what the word meant for the longest time. Let's see if you know it. Write it down while I spell it.

D: (saying the letters after her): M- A--oops, let me pick up my pen. Owwwwwww, my eye!--N - E - A--shut up, Billy Bob! Owwwwww, don't bite my wounded eye!--T - E - R. Got it! (looks again) (goes to sleep) (wakes up) (looks again) (gets something to eat) (looks again) (takes it to an expert):

D: It's English! "Maneater!"

And it was, though I'm glad to report that Furtado's Maneater is not a cover of the Hall and Oates version.

Update: I thought about calling this post "Whoa whoa here she comes" but I Can't Go for That (No Can Do).

Update II: Do not confuse the word "maneater" (or song(s) of the same name) with the word "manhunter" (or the excellent movie of the same name).

Update III: Turn loose the lightning metal hawgs!

Update IV: "By: Delmo."

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