Friday, June 02, 2006


The NDT is really boring this week (!), but here's a decent Crime Beat item:
Berkley [sic--it's Berkeley] & Jefferson Park Neighborhoods:

The District is once again beginning to see an increase in Theft from Motor Vehicles in these areas. As we've mentioned in past articles, thieves are opportunists. Please understand that committing crime and taking advantage of innocent people is their job, their career and even their profession. . . . You may not think that leaving a gym bag filled with dirty clothes in your vehicle is appealing to anyone but to thieves it is. They do not know what's in that bag and to them, it could be money, electronics personal information or worse, they could actually like the smell of your sweaty gym clothes.
Recent college grads, be warned: As a job, a career or a profession--crime does not pay! (Even if you like the smell of other people's sweaty gym clothes.)

(Credit: Crime Does Not Pay #22 from The Greatest Comics of the 20th Century)

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