Saturday, June 24, 2006

They all have hairy backs, too

A study has found that nearly every person working in newspaper sports departments is white. And male.
"I expected it to be pretty bleak, and it certainly was," said Richard Lapchick, founder and director of the University of Central Florida's DeVos Sports Business Management's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

Lapchick's team of graduate students found in studying the 5,100-employee makeup of 303 sports departments that 94.7% of sports editors, 89.9% of columnists and 87.4% of reporters are white. The study also showed that 95% of the editors, 93% of the columnists and 90% of the reporters are male. Similar percentages were found in the positions of assistant sports editors and copy editors.
They should get Larry Summers to explain it to them.

(via Romenesko)

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