Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guv on climate-change junket to Norway

Yarney-varney! Gov. Ritter traveled to the far north Thursday to yack (yak, get it?) about global warming, look at ice:

Just finished with a trip to sunny Spain, Gov. Bill Ritter headed north to the Norwegian Arctic as part of a week-long expedition on climate change.

Ritter's trip is being paid for by the Aspen Institute, the National Geographic Society and Lindblad Expeditions, the governor's office said.

Ritter wrapped up a taxpayer-funded economic-development trip to Spain on Wednesday, flew Thursday from Madrid to Oslo and began the Arctic expedition today.

The Democratic governor will travel on a ship with scientists, government officials and leaders of industry, observing firsthand the impact of climate change in the Arctic, his office said. Ritter also will participate in panel discussions. . . .

The governor and a handful of other state officials traveled to Spain to meet with companies involved in solar-panel production and technology for other alternative-energy sources. The governor's office estimated the cost of that trip at $20,000.

Yarney feckin' varney!

Update: The Rocky also covered the story, but neither reportron asks some obvious questions: What's the carbon footprint for all this gallivanting around, Guv (or duly appointed homunculus)? You're a carbon-credit guy. Any plans to offset the CO2 you spew? Incidentally, wouldn't it have been better for the environment if you'd just, you know, stayed home? You could talk to the Canucks (as Norwegians are familiarly known) and Spaniards just as easy via Go To My PC. And if you need ice, hell, I got some ice you can look at. . .

Update II: Almost linked to this for "ice" but watched it, liked it, so can't use it for mockery. I'm so gay.

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