Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trial of DNC protest issues today

Warning: Both papers have pics of a duct-tape-mouthed Glenn Spagnuolo, the Post with the question-begging headline, "Protesters sue to be heard."

Update: The Rocky misspells Spagz's name in its photo captions. He's probably used to it by now.

More: The Rocky yetitorializes:
Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper affirmed Friday what city officials have said for weeks: No one will be camping overnight in City Park during the Democratic National Convention - or any other time, for that matter. . . .

Still, Hickenlooper and other city officials are giving off the impression that they expect Tent State to happen, even though Tent State is not yet close to satisfying the conditions attached to the assembly permit issued to the group last month. The Parks and Recreation Department clearly stated "the permit can be revoked if the conditions are not met." We only hope that officials mean it.
Update: The Rocky, bizarrely, has the headline, "Secret Service trying to avoid DNC 'catastrophe'" over the same old story, with no explanation of the headline.

Update II: Okay, the text showed up:

Protesters and other members of the public must be kept at a distance from the Pepsi Center during the Democratic National Convention for fear of something "catastrophic," such as a bomb or chemical attack, a U.S. Secret Service official testified today.

"We like to consider all potential hazards," said Steven Hughes, a special agent who is in charge of security planning for the DNC.

The Secret Service and Denver police plan to put up a fence around the Pepsi Center, creating a security perimeter. That area will be accessible only to people with credentials to enter, such as delegates and members of the media.

Anyone entering must go through security screening, including metal detectors.

Hughes wouldn't disclose the exact perimeter, but he said Chopper Circle — where protesters hoped to march during the convention — would be inside it, and therefore off limits.

He also said Auraria Parkway must be closed to the public so it can be used to transport delegates or to evacuate the Pepsi Center in case of an emergency.

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