Friday, July 25, 2008

Weird Bird Friday

WBF Makes Good on Promise!

I know it was cruel to entice you so mercilessly last week with with a promise of bird diapers in this week's WBF. But I'm sure you'll agree that the wait was worth it when you see:

Not only a bird diaper, but a patriotic bird diaper with a matching hat to boot!

Some prefer to call them "flightsuits," making it sound like they're training to be test pilots or perhaps astronauts. I personally like the term "Poopy Pouches." This name does not seem to have caught on in the industry, however.

Here are some more:

Aaaaaawwwww! Aren't they cute?

There's even bird diaper video! See for example, this.

Don't know if I can top this next week. Might just be another boring old weird bird.


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