Friday, July 25, 2008

Krecken sie Deutsch?

No idea what that title means, but at least it's not "Dumb and dumber." Librarian, ex-Denver Post reporter and 4' 6" Stander-Upper To The Impending Fascist State Carol Kreck was back protesting today, despite the brutal crushing of her dissent two weeks ago:
Carol Kreck, the 60-year-old librarian who received a trespassing ticket for protesting outside a John McCain event two weeks ago, was back Friday to express her opposition to McCain's presidential bid.

The Arizona senator is speaking to the American GI Forum later today at the Grand Hyatt.

Holding the sign that sparked controversy at the earlier event, Kreck said she would continue to protest McCain's candidacy.

"I don't want eight more years of the same policies," said Kreck, standing on a public sidewalk in front of Denver's Grand Hyatt and flanked by about 15 other people holding identical signs and one that wore a shirt saying "one nation....under surveillance."

As she spoke, other protestors chanted her name.
"Carol! Carol! Carol!" or "Kreck! Kreck! Kreck!"? Lazy reporting.
Kreck also joked about the criminal charges facing her and her court date next week.

"I'm not paying a fine," she said. "And I have no interest in rehabilitation or diversion."
She still hangs out with bad companions, too:
Although some urged Kreck to try and go into the event, she said she didn't want to make any trouble.
Update: Maybe it was "Carol Kreck! Carol Kreck! Carol Kreck!" Speaking of names, if the reporter who wrote this story married fellow Post reporter Chuck Plunkett, she'd be Karen Crummy-Plunkett.

Update II: The story's been grafted onto the story on McCain's speech, so just scroll down.

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