Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DNC me!

  • DNC exaggerated "greening director" Andrea Robinson's experience:
    The link between greening and Hollywood has never been far apart. So it's not a huge surprise that the Democratic National Convention's first director of greening has a link to Tinseltown.

    Andrea Robinson carries a lengthy list of acting credits to her name. Last year, she had a small role on the hit show CSI: Miami.

    She also had roles in Doc, The West Wing and Melrose Place, among other roles, from 1995 to 2007.

    But the Democratic National Convention Committee never highlighted any of that when she was named director of its green effort.

    When initially asked about her acting career, the DNCC said it wasn't relevant. When asked to provide a resume for Robinson, it took the DNCC a month. There was no mention of her acting background - just how she developed recycling programs on the sets of Doc and Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.
    Never heard of 'em.
    None of which might have been a problem except when a conservative blog,, noted that on the DNCC's biography page for Robinson, it touted her 25 years of environmental experience.

    That would mean the DNCC was counting experience from when she was 13. . . .
    But she does have a degree in environmental science.

  • The Rocky has part 3 of its series on Civic Center Park: "Even the bums hate it."

  • John Edwards was in town yesterday to talk about his fight against poverty, in a visit sponsored in part by ACORN. Nobody asked him about his mistress and love child, but a commenter notes, "Two families for the two Americas!"
  • DNCC will no longer get tax-free city gas. Everybody screamed bloody murder.

  • America's handshake: The fist bump. Mildly amusing:

  • Yeeeeeeargh! Howard Dean in town to "check" on "progress" of DNC:
    Howard Dean met with construction workers and praised them for the work that they are doing. He said he's confident the work will get done in the 32 days remaining before the convention begins.

    About 600 workers are preparing the Pepsi Center, and they are working two shifts a day.
  • Larimer Square flaggin':
    If you're in Larimer Square at the beginning of August, make sure you look up.

    The square will be flying $5,000 worth of flags in honor of the Democratic National Convention.

    "We're putting up every state plus the territories in the order in which they have come into the union," said spokeswoman Margaret Ebeling. "And in keeping with the spirit of the DNC, we chose a locally based supplier that's a union shop and a veteran-owned company (Show Your Colors flag company)."
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