Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gentle brawlin' hippies

Der Newsen:
Five members of the "Rainbow Family" - a loose-knit band of hippies best known for large gatherings each July - were arrested Tuesday night by Boulder County sheriff's deputies after a violent brawl broke out at the group's campsite near Ward.

Deputies responded about 6:30 p.m. to a report that a fight had broken out among a group of a dozen people camping in the area of Ruby Gulch, on state Forest Service property along the Peak to Peak Highway between Nederland and Ward.

When deputies arrived, witnesses reported that one man, a Nederland resident aged 34 or 35, was hit in the back of the head multiple times with a shovel and possibly stabbed in the neck during the fight, sheriff's Sgt. Brian Lindsey said.
We love you, man! Clang! We come in peace! Stab!

Update: Didn't bother to post these when I first saw them, but this seems like a good place to do so. Clips of the "Incident at Kiddie Village" during the Rainbow gathering earlier this month:

That hysterical woman screaming in the second clip is creepy as hell. There are more clips, but none I saw showed hippies throwing stuff, so who knows about that, but those cops do not look like they're there looking for trouble. They look scared. We love you man! Clang! We mean you no harm! Stab!

Update: Why do all the Rainbow guys sound like they don't have any teeth?* Listen to the "Nazis!" guy in this vid from the 2006 gathering near Steamboat Springs:

*Because they don't have any teeth. Duh.

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