Sunday, July 20, 2008

Revamped R68 blog: Violent? Us?

Barack Obama's recent improvements to his website reminded me to mention R68's scrapping of its clumsily militant site in favor of a new, friendlier place. While the embarrassing old logo is still around:

It's been supplanted as a page header by a cliché hippie-dippy thing with no hint of militancy:

Recreate68: As seen on The Mod Squad.

More substantively, they've also removed all their problematic links, most notably the ones to Crimethinc, the favorite site of anarchists everywhere.

Now why would they have done that?

They've also added an amusingly mealy-mouthed explanation of the organization's name, with a link to twisting old fool Noam Chomsky's brief (!) New Statesman piece on the world-historical importance of 1968.

Update: By "twisting old fool" I meant lying, not, you know, twisting. (There's often the same confusion with Fabian Socialism.

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