Saturday, July 12, 2008

Denver World Naked Bike Day (NSFW!)

Second annual, I think. For some reason they held it at the past-dusk hour of 9:00 p.m. Nobody even started getting naked till 9:30 or so, so every picture is underexposed.

It was fairly boring anyway, so if nobody minds I'll just spend most of the time objectifying the women. Anybody against? Let's to it, then!

The news vans were already set up.

The would-be nudists were gathering. (The d-blog answered this guy's question years ago, by the way).

I just wandered around checking things out, almost at random.

This guy had the fashion-model pose down, just not the look, quite.

Alert! First naked boob alert! This is not a drill! I swear, people (including me) practically ran over with their stupid cameras.


What's his thigh say? El Presidente of Slapstick Politics was at the protest too. Cover me, I said. I'm going in.


Side two.

The most self-satisfied protester there (and you know what a contest that had to be).


Totally don't get it. Is it a fart joke? If so, wouldn't one have the arrow closer to one's butt?

Of course, the cops and protesters had to talk over the ground rules for half an hour:

It boiled down to: No genitals. No bare buttocks.

The CAC FREE SOCIET chick again.

She was some sort of leader, and as leaders do she climbed up on a pikanik table and went on and on about what the naked bike ride is really about (surprisingly, it's not about letting the old ego out for a tapdance, as Tom Wolfe used to say, but about serious stuff like war and oil and the planet and rampant Chimplerism). Then more rules (lights on the bikes, observe traffic laws ("this isn't a mass action"), no crushing small children in your path, etc.), until somebody yelled, "Okay, we get it! Let's ride and have some fun!" Lefties.

The MSM were definitely ready!

Obnoxo Girl (r) and Devil Woman.

Stop police brutality. (I heard several people say how the cops were "being nice tonight." Last year apparently a few people who bared all got tickets for indecent exposure.)

Check out the sunburn. (Is that sunburn?)

Carol Channing (r) is aging very well.

I dug being there.

Equal opportunity ogling.

Devil Woman wanted me. As a sacrifice.

Finally everybody gathered at the starting line. There might have been 50 riders. More like 35 or 40.

They had an escort.

I was determined to see what this lass had written on her chest.


I took several more pics just to make sure the writing was clear.

This one, however, was gratuitous.

Goodbye, noble semi-naked people!

Goodbye, MSM!

Update: As soon as I see that El Presidente has posted, I'll link, and probably steal. (He'll have moving picture fillum.)

Update II: Went back and looked at Zombie's chronicle of last year's San Francisco World Naked Bike Day and noticed a couple of things. First, protesters there take it all off (not a good thing); second, they do their naked bike riding in daylight, like moonbats should.

Update III: EP has posted pics, fillum and pit-hy commentary. He's right: there were some stinky people there, not even counting me.

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