Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Night at the Radio!

How about The Halls of Ivy, the gently comic show with Ronald and Bonita Colman as the president of Ivy College, Dr. Toddhunter Hall, and his wife, Victoria, "late of the British musical comedy stage." Think I read somewhere that Ivy is modelled on CU. This one's called "D-Day" (7 June 1950). The Schlitz commercials are great.

And let's keep going with our string of episodes of The Six-Shooter, with Jimmy Stewart. This one's called "The Capture of Stacey Gault" (8 November 1953).

Add one Vic and Sade, "Office Suggestion Box" (27 October 1942). As often with this show, the sound is not great. Crank it up.

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