Monday, July 28, 2008

DNC: Sowelled out!

Random observations on the passing fiends:

  • I admit, I thought the city would cave on letting Tent State sleep over at City Park. Wonder if the Stock Show grounds are still available?

  • Reasonable conservatives should have no issue, he said prescriptively, with Tent State protesting during the DNC. The problem is with the assumption (held by Tent State, Recreate68!, and almost every other protest group that's going to be here) that their concerns are so self-evidently valid and important that they deserve special deference from society, not to mention the law.

  • They don't.

  • If Tent State is allowed to camp overnight in City Park, what do we say to Stormfront when they want to hold Nazipalooza there? Sure, the Spagnuoloids will say it's a hate crime and therefore illegal under international law, but to that I say: move to Canada; we have the First Amendment here.

  • Some commenter on the no-camping story pointed out that there are tons of places to camp legally around Denver, some of which you can get to by light rail. You can also get to campsites via Denver's bike paths. There are maps online.

  • Nothing more on the Fall of the House of Urine, so the story was probably punk. But how do you get a story like that, believe it enough to run it, and have it be wrong? Maybe I'll call the station, do a little "journalism" (I believe it's called).

  • We're urinater-friendly: Just heard on KOA that the "Minuteman" anti-immigration group will hold a rally in Congress Park on the first day of the convention. The head Minuteperson said he hoped for 30,000 attendees.

  • Running across this question more and more as the convention approaches: "What do the protesters want?"
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