Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rush Limbaugh offers advice

On DNC-related topics:
As you know, there are a bunch of protest groups out there called Recreate 68, a number of others. They also have, much as New York had in 1992, in Denver, they've got a little bit of a problem about what to do with the homeless during the Democrat National Convention. . . .
(Rush, like Michael Medved, has a homeless update theme song. Medved's is "Hallejuhah, I'm a Bum," Rush's is Clarence "Frogman" Henry's Ain't Got No Home." He played it here).
Denver, let me give you some advice here. You're dealing with the homeless, and you're dealing with Democrats, and you don't want them seen, right? You don't want the homeless seen anywhere near your convention. This is crazy. The homeless are your voters. The homeless are people that you turn to. They're living a life of misery, and they are the people that you think make up the country. They're suffering from the Bush administration policies and all of this. So you want to get them out of the way. No, don't get 'em out of the way. Give 'em some walking-around money. If you're going to get 'em some flat screens, go out and get 'em some cigarettes, buy them some adult beverages so they can watch television, a little popcorn, and while you're at it, put some voter registration cards in the homeless shelters while they are watching your convention. In fact, make registering to vote a requirement to get into the homeless shelter. The Democrats are losing touch. They used to be smarter than this.
Rush reads from the NYT story the D-blog noted yesterday, in which R68 complains that the homeless are being treated better than they are:
This is a New York Times story today: "Such accommodations will not be offered to the dozens of groups planning to protest the convention, who have complained that they are being forced to protest from fenced enclosures -- 'freedom cages,' they call them -- well out of earshot of the convention site. Tom Mestnik, a member of The Recreate 68 Alliance--" Stop and think of that. If you want to Recreate 68 at a Democrat National Convention, what do you want to recreate? Mayhem, riots, general anarchy. And so Denver and the Democrats are going to put 'em behind a fence, a freedom fence, freedom cage. And this member of the Recreate 68 Alliance, "an umbrella group organizing the protesters, said, 'We'll be like zoo animals. We're going to be hundreds of feet away from the delegates. They won't be able to see us or hear
us. . . .

"Glenn Spagnuolo, a spokesman for The Recreate 68 Alliance, said the planned site was obscured by news media tents, which will be placed between the protesters'--" everything's falling apart here. You know, this is (interruption) well, that's a good question. H.R. wants to know how they're going to tell the homeless apart from the protesters. The protesters will be behind cages. The homeless will be in shelters watching television, eating fried food. The fried food will be at the homeless shelters, not inside the convention hall.
And once again Rush does some, um, well, incitement is maybe not too strong a word:
But this disappoints me. A fence never stopped anybody in Chicago. All these restraints never stopped anybody in Chicago. Jump the fence, Glenn, for crying out loud. You guys aren't worth your name, Recreate 68, if you're just going to sit there as a bunch of docile little puppies and agree to be absconded and placed behind a cage. You guys are not the protesters I always thought you were. Well, they might be too old to jump. I hadn't thought of that, too old to jump. Don't go in the fence in the first place, then. Or if you go in there, go in with some wire cutters so you don't have to jump the fence. These protesters are letting me down. These people, nothing would stop them, and now they're becoming a bunch of conformists. The media, and Democrats want 'em in cages? And they're going to go inside cages and complain about being treated like animals? You know, what was shaping up to be a riotous -- in a humorous way, of course -- Democrat National Convention is going to be a giant bore fest. I mean, for crying out loud, why don't you guys at least go talk to Bill Ayers in Chicago, get some tips here, maybe a couple bombs somewhere. Well, it may sound a bit much, but to agree to be imprisoned as a protester in a cage? . . . This is disappointing.

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