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Astrologers foresee chaos, and other DNC news

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Living in Denver, the city hosting the Democratic National Convention, we are paying close attention to the news. News like this:

Blackhawk Flyovers Whip Up Concern, Curiosity

And this: FBI to descend on Denver for Dem event

The soldier and I have been discussing the possibility (the likelihood) of trouble in Denver and I finally peeked at the chart which look ominous.

Anyone care to predict events in Denver during the convention?
Several commenters do. A couple of excerpts:

There is talk of terrorist attacks… definitely disruption, riots, glass-breaking and the like. Slogan is “Recreate ‘68!”

Traffic and timing is going to be chaos for sure. Check that exact opposition to Mercury. Mars is looking pretty pissy too. Stuck in Libra (fight for *supposed* peace) and in hard aspect to Pluto.
Mars is always looking pissy. One more:

Reminds me of Nairobi right before the embassy bombing in 1998. There were riots and the Nairobi city council went against a court ordered stay to not “take” land and give it to a mosque as it would destroy one of the most famous markets in town. Long story short - they did, in the middle of the night, with bulldozers. Turned it into a mini-warzone and so the riots started.
Oh, c'mon. Let me look at that chart:

Nope, he's right. Nairobi, 1998. We need another crap cannon.

(via Colorado Independent. I made the pissy-Mars joke before reading to the bottom of their piece, I swear. I don't care if you believe me or not.)

More: Ted Koppel will be color man for the BBC's coverage of the DNC:
Veteran newsman Ted Koppel will provide commentary and analysis from the Democratic National Convention for BBC America's nightly newscast, he told a gathering of TV critics in Los Angeles today, Joanne Ostrow reports.

The "BBC World News America" team will broadcast live from Denver with a staff of 30-40 people, according to anchor Matt Frei. The network plans to anchor its newscast from Denver all four nights with a live hour, set for 8 p.m. Denver time, updated later in the evening.

Koppel, who currently produces documentaries for Discovery Channel (notably a four-parter on China launching this week), famously walked out on the GOP convention in San Diego in 1996, saying it was nothing more than a picture show.

"I don't think anyone could make that observation this year," he said.
It'll be like America Held Hostage all over again for ol' Ted.

Matt Frei, of course, is the BBC's big guy in the U.S. and a frequent target of charges of leftie bias, particularly of the anti-Israel and anti-Bush sort. Totally coincidentally, he just published a piece in Newsweek on the perils of European Obamamania.

(Hey, Matt! You can reuse this piece at the DNC!)

Nine hundred volunteers to compost DNC waste. (Pssst: they'll use the "three-bin" system.)

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