Friday, July 11, 2008

Anarchists meet to learn how to agiteet

The Post:
In Denver this weekend, a group of anarchists who have pledged to disrupt the Democratic National Convention will hold a secret action camp to learn about medical training and legal rights and to practice nonviolent tactics.
Can't be real secret if (a) the Post knows about it; and (b) the Drunkablog had the whole story almost a month ago.
"We don't want history to remember the Democratic National Convention in Denver as something that went smoothly," said Tim Simons with the self-described anarchist group, Unconventional Denver.
Throughout, by the way, the story calls it "Unconventional Denver" when its name is Unconvential Action--Denver. Why? No matter. The cops will be waiting:
"We want to make sure we are adequately staffed for the number of people who are going to be here," said Sonny Jackson, a Denver police spokesman. He would not disclose what agencies will be participating or how many officers are expected.

"We respect everyone's First Amendment rights," Jackson said. "We hope that the citizens will come in and conduct themselves in a law-abiding and responsible manner."
Bloodthirsty pigs! Spagz gives his usual take:
"The police are gearing up for confrontation," said Glenn Spagnuolo, organizer with the protest group Re-create 68. "Police are getting dressed up for a fight, and if there isn't one, they will create one."

He said he has not heard of any of the protest groups planning violence against the police or citizens.
Quote from the d-blog link above:
Just in case you had doubts about R68's peaceful intentions, UA says this: Unconventional Denver is working closely not only with R68, but also with a number of other anti-DNC organizers, to ensure an effective and supported strategy of direct action."
Read the whole thing, or just read my story again. Same diff.

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