Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Not by me, of course. This was sent out by AP:
DENVER -- In some versions of a June 28 and June 29 story about demonstrations planned for the Democratic National Convention, The Associated Press reported erroneously that a group called Troops Out Now had withdrawn from the Re-create 68 protest coalition. Troops Out Now says it has not withdrawn.

The story also erroneously reported that a second coalition was formed by 12 groups that withdrew from Re-create 68. Only Tent State University withdrew from Re-create 68. The other 11 were not members of Re-create 68.
Troops Out Now, of course, is one of local hothead and founding R68 member Larry Hales' hobbies (FIST--"Fight Imperialism, Stand Together"--is another), and there's no way Larry Hales would leave R68, so they just got that one wrong.

The second correction, however, makes a distinction without a difference. Those other groups were collaborating with R68 whether they were officially under its umbrella or not:
"We've separated ourselves; we're not part of Re-create 68," said Claire Ryder, chairwoman of the Denver Green Party. Ryder said many activists had attended Re-create 68 meetings and were not comfortable with its organizational techniques.

Nevertheless, she said, “This has all been very difficult because a lot of them are our friends. We’ve worked together on a lot of other issues over time.”
Medea Benjamin of CodePink said much the same.

Update: the story is the same one that contains Glenn's "imperialism with a Black face" quote, but I can't find a version that mentions Troops Out Now, and don't remember seeing it.

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