Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sunshine, lollipops, Rainbows--shallow graves?

Just noticed this:
Searchers using scent dogs, all-terrain vehicles and a helicopter are scouring the remote Big Sandy area of Sublette County for 24-year-old Garrett Bardin (BAR'-din).

The search continued Thursday evening for Bardin, the son of Sublette County Sheriff Wayne Bardin. . . .

Searchers found Bardin's pickup Tuesday in the Big Sandy area, not far from where the Rainbow Family has been gathering in recent weeks for its annual camping event.

Sublette County sheriff's spokesman Randy Hanson says investigators have no reason to believe Garrett Bardin's disappearance has any connection to the Rainbow Gathering. Hanson says investigators have searched the campout several times without finding the man.

Update: Mystery solved? More googling found a later AP story that says Sonny (he MUST be called "Sonny") is probably out partying with the 'bows:

Investigators with the Sublette County Sheriff's Office believe that a 24-year-old man missing nearly two weeks may be participating in the Rainbow Family gathering. . . .

Sheriff's Office spokesman Dick Blust, Jr., says investigators have received numerous reports from Rainbow Family members that they've seen Garrett Bardin at the gathering.

Blust says law enforcement officers continue to look for him there and are also searching nearby areas.

Blust says investigators found three bullet holes in Bardin's pickup, but the shots are in a random pattern and appear to be the sort of damage that's common in vandalism cases.

In Montana, anyway. Sheriff Bardin (BAR'-din) must be relieved, if not real happy with ol' Sonny.

Update: Been looking for video of the Rainbow rock-and-stick throwing incident Friday, but no luck yet. A commenter at this blog offers an absolutely trustworthy version of events:
This is all a bullshit story made up by the police. I was there when this happened. The police fired shots at a safe haven for kids called Kiddy Village. They first tried to arrest a woman for no reason. When she resisted, the police tackled her. That is when us Rainbows started calling for help, and the police fired on us with pepper spray filled paintballs. The police then fired shots and hit a child, before turning to fire upon another man carrying a child on his back. The man went down and the child fell. How the police turned this around to say that we were throwing rocks at them is astonishing when I personally witnessed no rocks or sticks being thrown. However I did see armed police officers firing at unarmed citizens.
Change a few words and that could be an R68er talking come August.

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