Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pictures 'n' Sunday Night at the Radio!

What would we do without "'n'"?

Jack Benny! "Jack packs for New York and his fourth TV show" (13 May 1951).

Leftover hatemobile pic:

Gov. Ritter busses an acquaintance.

So, in how many western countries would this be a hate crime subject to fines and other punishment? Just a guess, but--all of them? Losers.

Courtyard of the Continuing Education Center.

Another episode in our run of The Six-Shooter: "Red Lawson's Revenge" (25 October 1953).

Tough town, Denver.

And a show I haven't played in ages: Dragnet. "Vernon Carney: City Hall Bomber" (21 July 1949). "What do you say to a man with a bomb?"

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