Sunday, July 06, 2008

Catching up with: protest umbrella group Alliance for a Real Democracy

The coalition of DNC protest groups that formed in response to R!68's violent posturing and jerk-riddled membership finally has a website. From their mission statement:
3- The Alliance for Real Democracy will organize only nonviolent events and approach all stages of planning and implementation from a non-violent perspective. Alliance for Real Democracy members agree to the following guidelines for all coalition events and activities: (a.) We will act respectfully toward all people and toward the environment around us, (b.) We will not use or return violence—verbal or physical—toward any person or other creature, (c.) We will not damage property, and we will take full responsibility for our actions, (d.) We will not bring firearms or other weapons to actions or protests, (e.) During the actions, we will not bring or use illegal drugs or alcohol, (f.) We will not incite others to violence.
How nice for you. So then why did Alliance member Students for a Democratic Society call for "disruption" of the convention just two weeks ago? In case you've forgotten: "[I]magine the excitement that we would all feel if SDS held down a few intersections and played a key role in shutting down the DNC." Doesn't that stance by definition entail verbal and/or physical violence?

Yes, yes it does.
Besides the aforehectored SDS, here's the lineup of participating orgs. It's the usual winkle-dink assemblage of peaceniks, socialists, "indigenes," grumpy Vietnam vets and World-Can't-Waiters from the RCP (Our chairman is Bob Avakian!). Oh yeah, and a Troofer group: Colorado 9/11 Visibility.

Say this for them, the Alliance is more inclusive than R!6!8.

Finally, here's the musical lineup. No times, but they did post Wayne Kramer's pretty funny "Revolution in Apartment 29":

"We're mapping out our strategy, we're hot to Trotskyite."

(via Benjie at the filthy Try-Works blog, who deploys even more idiotic shits, fucks and ain'ts than usual in his spewing at the Alliance for a Real Democracy (which, with typical hilariosity, he dubs "T.A.R.D."). Benjie's pissed because the Alliance not only made R68 look like the violence-mongering totalitarian creeps they are, but stole their best ideas and resources (not to mention Wayne Kramer).

Also, as the indefatigable Laurie points out in Try-Works' comments, Benjie hates everything.)

Update: Incidentally, Benjie caught the Alliance stealing its website logo from Westword. He's very proud that they've now taken it down, assuming it was his doing. Somehow in his triumph, though, he forgets that his own internet history includes, among many other ethical defugalties, disappearing not merely a stolen logo, but a whole blog bursting with his and others' lies, slanders and grotesquely violent threats.

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