Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank you, "Adam"

Benjie Whitmer is forced to apologize to Adam Jung of Kent, er, Tent State (that joke never gets old) after attributing a comment on this blog from one "Adam" to Jung and Jung threatened legal action:
You are attributing a quote to me, one that is also attributed to me on Slapstick politics, that they seem to have got from a comment on Drunkablog by a user named “Adam”. I have never said anything like that, I have a lot of respect for Unconventional Action and had you done some research you would realize this. You are also damaging not only the case the ACLU is fighting on behalf of both Recreate 68 and Tent State, as well as ten other organizations. I have forwarded your and their URL’s on to the ACLU cooperating attorney’s that represent both R68 and TSU and asked them for our legal remedies.
Okay, well, where to begin. Yeah, the commenter on the Drunkablog never specified he was Adam Jung. I assumed as much given the tone of the comment. As such, I apologize. (However, I find the similarities between that comment and this email interesting. Such as, for instance, the numbering of each substantive paragraph.)
Typically gracious apology from Benjie boy. Just like a little man. Then it's right back to being the Churchillian tough guy:
And good luck seeking a legal remedy. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits by everyone from Dan Caplis to Vernon Bellecourt. Hell, thanks to the anti-Churchill pinheads I’ve even been investigated by the University of Colorado legal team. Nothing sticks, nothing’s going to, it ain’t against the law to poke at insufferable little shits.
No it "ain't." But, of course, while CU didn't muzzle Benjie, they got rid of him with utterly seemly haste. Anyway, the rest of the post is just more thieves falling out. What a bunch of mendacious fools.

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