Monday, June 16, 2008

DNC greenery

With an August 1 deadline, here so far are the states participating in the "Green Delegate Challenge," the Democratic National Convention's carbon-offset program. Guess which is the only state to totally buy into it:


How embarrassing, though. One full participant, with Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, New York, Vermont and Arkansas (?) in the "maybe" column. This profound lack of interest might be related to the crummy prizes the DNC is offering. From the press release announcing the challenge:
As part of the challenge, delegations with the highest percentage of members offsetting their carbon will be recognized in their seating section on the floor of the Pepsi Center during the Convention. Each delegate, alternate and super delegate from that state will also receive a limited edition "green" prize. Any delegate who offsets their travel will receive a unique wearable "green item" for Convention week, available only to these delegates, and be recognized individually on
DNC Condescending Green Tip O'the Week!
Did you know cleaning your home can be harmful to your health?
Exactly why I never clean it.
Many common household cleaners contain toxic solvents, fragrances, disinfectants and other ingredients that can pollute the air and cause respiratory, skin and other reactions. Before you clean out your garage and cart everything off to the dumpster, go to to find out where to recycle, donate and safely dispose of many of your possessions.
But what if I don't want to recycle, donate or safely dispose of many of my possessions? Oh, yeah.

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