Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pepper spray threat peps up lunatics

Alex Jones' Infowars website, noting today's story on the Denver Police Department pepper spray weapons, says, "It looks like the government ops over at Re-create 68 will be successful," and quotes a site called Just Get There:
There is a growing trend of peaceful events being infiltrated by agent provocateurs who operate under the umbrella of black-ops. The goal is to create radical groups who seek out violence either during events, or on corporate and federal property. The operatives will be in positions of power or influence, and will only promote violence instead of a peaceful information based strategy for activism. . . . The cops at first stand down against their own agents, then engage the peaceful activists. This modus operandi has been used in the past, and seems to be in motion for this event by the group ReCreate 68.
An even darker accusation:
Isn’t it curious that Re-create COINTELPRO, er 68, came into view at the same time as Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” (also the name of a CIA op against antiwar activists in the 1960s). . . .
Totally wrong, of course, but I like "Re-create COINTELPRO," Glenn Spagnuolo, FBI!

Now we have Mark Cohen on the fake “left” calling for a repeat of the DNC, circa 1968.

“In politics nothing happens ‘by chance.’ If something happens, then you can bet that it was planned that way,” said Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I can’t think of a better way to destroy any positive political activism during the DNC.

Me neither! And what's amazing is that it's not a COINTELPRO op (I know all the lingo).

Ms Betty is worried about R68!, too (caution! Ms Betty's site has the only "content warning" I've ever seen on Bogspot--Ms Betty is a mild 'n' campy dominatrix):
There are helicopters performing tactical exercises over downtown. The police are stocking up on crowd control weapons, and we have a group called Recreate 68 who has been nothing but combative from day one, implied that riots are possibility and threatened to take over the park, but can't understand why anyone thinks they might cause trouble. Oh, and apparently there may be a huge surge in child prostitution in the area.
Not quite sure how that last sentence relates to the rest.
Streets will/may be closed. They still don't know if they will have to interupt or re-route public transportation, and the mayor tried to get himself hit by a train the other day.
Mayor Chickenpooper almost hit by a train? Hadn't heard about that. Must have been that time he went out hoboing to get to know the homeless.
It's going to be a looooooooooong summer.
Yes it is, Ms Betty. Thank you for deigning to blog about it, Ms Betty.

Update: AP breaks one: I'll quote the first paragraph for $12.50 (AP: check's in the mail):
A number of protest groups have formed a new coalition that will organize events during the Democratic National Convention to call for an end to the Iraq War.

They're talking, of course, about the groups that dumped !R68 almost two weeks ago. Best $12.50 I ever spent.

Update II: Mayor Chickenpooper is not a hobosexual. Let's put that rumor to rest right now.

Update III: Check out the nifty little DNC logo the Rocky's sporting at the top of its front page, until after the convention, one supposes. They must be serious.

Update IV: TalkLeft links to Denver's MK-IV order from Veritas Tactical ("Progressive solutions for impossible situations").

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