Saturday, June 14, 2008

Man about town

Predictable laving (look it up, Glenn) of Glenn Spagnuolo by longtime Rocky columnist Bill Johnson: "City should just say it wants not even one DNC protester":

First off, it should be said that the city is fooling no one. I have seen this movie before, and it will not end happily.

Indeed, the closest Glenn Spagnuolo or any of his fellow protester pals are likely to get to the Pepsi Center and the Democratic National Convention come August is likely to be some out-of-the-way building or warehouse where the feds and police will be booking dissenters.

It is the way it worked in New York City with the Republicans in 2004. And I am just cynical enough to believe it will be little different this time out in Denver, that the city will at the slightest provocation employ similar no-nonsense, borderline police state tactics to keep the peace this summer.

It is why I called Glenn Spagnuolo, the seemingly everywhere activist most noted for his Columbus Day protests in Denver, currently in the news as a co-founder of the Re-create 68 Alliance, which is planning protest marches each day of the Aug. 24-28 convention. . . .

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