Tuesday, June 10, 2008

R68 prepares for "crap cannon"

You remember the Brown Note. Well, R68 says it actually exists, was even used at protests in Miami in 2003. They want to be ready for it at the DNC:

Political activists planning protest rallies at the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver have their stomachs in knots over a rumor about a crowd control weapon - known as the “crap cannon” - that might be unleashed against them.

Also called “Brown Note,” it is believed to be an infrasound frequency that debilitates a person by making them defecate involuntarily.

Mark Cohen, co-founder of Re-create 68, an alliance of local activists working for the protection of first amendment rights, said he believes this could be deployed at the convention in August to subdue crowds.

“We know this weapon and weapons like it have been used at other large protests before,” he said.

Cohen, who described Brown Note as a “sonic weapon used to disrupt people’s equilibrium,” cited eyewitness accounts of its use during free-trade agreement protests in Miami in 2003.

“I think these weapons were mostly intended for military use and so their use for dealing with innocent protesters seems highly inappropriate,” he said. “The idea that they might be field testing them on people who are doing nothing more than exercising their first amendment rights is disturbing.”

His group is preparing against a possible attack by Brown Note and other crowd-control measures by dispatching street medics at the convention trained in treating injuries in demonstration situations.

“It’s all we can do,” Cohen said.

So is the Brown Note a real threat?

Dr. Roger Schwenke - an expert acoustician who appeared on the Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” in 2004 to test the phenomenon - told FOXNews.com there is no scientific evidence that proves such frequencies cause involuntarily defecation.

“When we conducted the low frequency experiment for the Brown Note episode of MythBusters, we tested a variety of low frequencies and no involuntary gastro-intestinal motility was caused,” he said.

Involuntary gastro-intestinal motility. Not bad.
In a statement released to FOXNews.com, city spokeswoman Sue Cobb [heh] said, “commenting on specific security preparations is not helpful to ensuring their effectiveness. I can say, however, that all of our security-related purchases for the Democratic National Convention will comply with federal and City requirements. We are working closely with the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure that the $50 million federal security grant is spent on personnel and equipment in the manner required by the grant.”

Denver’s police Department wouldn’t comment on the tactics that will be used during the convention, but a spokesman said that “we do support and encourage people to express their views safely and in a manner that respects the rights of others along with the laws and ordinances of our city.”
Now, does that sound like the kind of police department that would deploy a crap cannon?
But Glenn Spangnuolo, also with Re-create 68, isn’t taking any chances [bet that surprised you]. He said he has no doubt that Brown Note exists, and is preparing his group for confrontation.
What the hell does that mean? Crap Cannon v. The Giant Diaper?
“Whether it causes someone to defecate in their pants or not, I don’t know that,” said Spagnuolo.
Hey, remember this quote from Spagz, explaining why he pointed me out to his thuggish little friends at a peace rally last March?
I pointed him out because people thought some one shit their pants because of the smell, I assumed it was John so I let them know. . . .

Maybe I was the first victim of the crap cannon.

More troubling to Spagnuolo is the “Active Denial System” or “ADS,” a ray gun used to send high levels of microwave frequencies that cause a burning sensation the skin.

He described ADS as an “indiscriminate weapon” and said “there’s no long-term testing on what happens to the body when exposed to those kinds of microwave frequencies.”

And so on. Wankers.

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