Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dennehy National Convention Countdown!

I mean Democratic National Convention Countdown, of course, sponsored by Brian Dennehy, who at first wanted his name above the title, but when genial dictator El Presidente of Slapstick Politics threatened to have him shot, quieted right down.

Let's do it! And afterwards talk about the DNC!

Only 75 days until the balloon goes up.

  • Angry Clinton supporters trying to organize DNC "Million Woman March." They have a website.

  • "Dirty little secret" of Dem convention is very boring.

  • Then, the Great Burning: "Tour to give locals a peek at Pepsi Center before Dems arrive."

  • A few days old: Post columnist Susan Greene (last heard from on the Brown Note rumor) on a feminist DNC delegate who says she's going to vote for Clinton and then quit the party. Greene doesn't like it one stinkin' bit.

  • Nothing to do with the convention, but too sickly sweet to pass up: "Pick a pet for Obama." The author asked two area pet shelters to recommend several, which they did. Among them are a Chihuahua, an Australian Cattle Dog (got my vote) and "Stars and Stripes," a couple of cats. (The Denver Dumb Friends League gave their animals cutesy patriotic names like that and "America," for a beagle.) Currently "Denver," a year-old Lab mix, is in the lead with 17 votes (36 percent).

  • June 11, 1908: Taft has the nomination sewn up.
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