Saturday, June 07, 2008

Retraction not made

Recreate68 co-founder Glenn Spagnuolo yesterday:
Just thought I would let you know that Code Pink and the Colorado Street Medics, the only two groups out of the bunch [named in a Post article as having dumped R68 as the umbrella group for the DNC protests] that are working with us and over 100 other groups, have contacted the Post and asked for a retraction. They have not "split".
That was well over 24 hours ago. Still no retraction. I bet Medea's been dodging Glenn's phone calls.

Spagz also said he would send me a picture of the guy whose face Benjie Whitmer claimed was "destroyed" by the cops at the Columbus Day protest "bloodbath" last year. I promised to post it if he did. He didn't.

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