Saturday, June 21, 2008

Students for a Democratic Society calls for disruption of DNC

Shiftshaper B28651 at (A)utononous Resistance ("rank: Comandante. points: 3048. occupation: Rebel Insurgent. location: Occupied Turtle Island, US") has the call to action:
For SDS, the call to disrupt the DNC (as well as the RNC) offers a tremendous opportunity to plug into what will likely be a major mobilization. Under the direct action strategy being discussed, SDS chapters can participate in this disruption by selecting and utilizing the tactics with which they are most comfortable. The direct action framework will allow SDS chapters to work with those engaging in similar tactics, both within and outside SDS. Finally, chapters are free to theme their actions how they see fit and there could conceivably be SDS actions highlighting everything from the role and complicity of the Democratic Party in the occupation of Iraq, to immigration and poverty, to the rising cost of tuition. Regardless of the themes and tactics chosen, imagine the excitement that we would all feel if SDS held down a few intersections and played a key role in shutting down the DNC… *

To that end, we are calling on SDS chapters to both endorse and participate in the direct action strategies for disrupting the DNC layed forward by Unconventional Action, DNC Disruption, Recreate ‘68, and Tent State.
Little behind the times there.
We are calling on SDS chapters to embrace a diversity of tactics and both endorse and participate in the model of dual power utilized by Recreate ‘68 in their effort to support the needs of their community while explicitly confronting the false illusions of electoral “democracy.” Those participating in direct action to shut down the DNC will be free to shape their actions as they see fit, using the tactics they consider appropriate.
Any and all tactics.

Update: Hey kids! Ask your mom and dad to support the fine work of SDS!

We are asking each of our members to raise $100 - $300 (or however much they can) from their parents, relatives, or friends if it is appropriate for your family’s financial situation. Please ask your family to support the work you care about.

We will send you a “how-to” packet and support you (we know it’s not easy)! It will include a fancy letter and presentation with snazzy photographs of our incredible 2-year history, to demonstrate what a wonderful organization we are and to show your parents that the money will be well spent.

We figure, this isn’t about getting your parents to support SDS’s sweet progressive politics, it’s about showing their love and support for their children’s interests by joining and helping your movement. . . .

Gee, if it'll get little Billy to stop sacrificing small animals to Satan . . .
If you might be interested in asking your parents for money, please RSVP to We will send you a full packet of information that will make your request super easy! Trust us, your folks will love it and be really proud of you.
Really, really proud.

Update: Oops, forgot to include the paragraph the asterisk above refers to:
*This Call to Action was written through an open, participatory process that incorporated many voices within SDS. Many thanks to ACTIVATE (Grand Rapids SDS) for much of the language, which is adapted from the SDS RNC Call to Action. Also, many thanks to Animas SDS and THS SDS for their indispensable input, as well as various individuals within the SDS-AAC.

An open, participatory process. "THS" is Tuscarora High School in Frederick, MD.

Update II: I beat Infoslop, anyway.

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