Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Miraculously undrowned river runner and photographer J.W. Doyle has returned semi-triumphant from a whitewater trip on Arizona's Upper Salt River. He was kind enough to send some photos (his captions):

Unidentified Cataraft/boater in one of many granite micro-gorges, with saguaro cacti and cloud formations.

Adjacent hill, wildflower display (best in last 20+ years) and saguaro cacti.

Saguaro Cacti, Ocotillo and other assorted desert flora at sunrise at Gleason Flats camp on river.

Members of our group on their Sotar raft just below Quartzite Falls.

One of only two Crested Saguaro Cacti on entire Upper Salt River run. 400 Crested Saguaros documented in entire world, all in Arizona.

Scenery at sunset from our last camp at Coon Creek.


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