Monday, April 21, 2008

Is R!68 helping Obama?

The blog Stop Obama makes the case that R!ecrea!te68, with the tacit assistance of Code Pink and, is helping Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination by threatening that angry protesters will inundate Denver if Hillary Clinton is the party's nominee:

A clear relationship exists between those preparing disruptions in Denver, and those who support Obama. This explains why the disruptions R68 plans in Denver, will be minimal if Obama is elected, and maximum if he is not.

While R68 organizers claim neutrality in the Democratic Contest- by their own irrational admissions - if Clinton secures the Party Nomination, they promise 50,000 protesters. If Obama gets the nod, anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 max.

If Obama does not secure the Democratic Nomination, the possible turn-out for R68, is very, very high. The threat of violence increases directly in proportion with the role of the Super Delegates in selecting the Party Nominee.

R68 has explicitly pledged itself to interfere with delegate routes, and specifically with preventing Super Delegates with making it into the Convention.

50,000 protesters will be the minimum Denver can expect- provided no measures are taken to cut-off access to the city. Of these 5ok no more than 2000 can be experienced provocateurs, professional organizers who will make violence with the authorities their goal. . . .

If Obama has a shred of decency and administrative qualities, he should be working furiously to disassociate himself from any associations with R68. The longer he fails to do so, the more he is implicating himself with a strategy of fear and extortion of the Delegate vote. If Obama fails to send a clear message to the Code Pinks, Colors of Change, and MoveOns, that R68 is out of bounds, he will be held directly accountable for any riots and confrontation at Denver, in August 24-28.

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