Wednesday, April 30, 2008

60s get another drubbing

A review in City Journal of Carl Oglesby's Ravens in the Storm: A Personal History of the 1960s Antiwar Movement:
Amputated from his milquetoast life, [Oglesby] cut two folk albums, bedded the comeliest Weatherwoman, and during a visit to Cuba devised what became the sugar-cane-cutting Venceremos Brigade to aid Castro’s harvest. He sat on the international war crimes tribunal that Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre assembled to try the American government. He appeared, against the advice he gave others, at the staged riot in Chicago during 1968’s Democratic National Convention, and came to rue that decision: “I have yet to see what [Tom Hayden] thought our Chicago objectives really were beyond making a big scene." . . .
Hayden, of course, didn't have any objectives beyond making a big scene. In that sense, Rec!r!eate68 will probably recreate '68 quite well.

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