Friday, April 11, 2008

Codepink Colorado makes plans

Via e-mail:
We will do a tax day action (Next Tuesday, April 15). We will dress in pink, cover ourselves with fake money, pass out informational flyers and postcards for peace to be mailed. We may make a big pentagon with a money-eating mouth.
That'll stop the war machine in its tracks!
We will do something around Mother's Day- Either the day before or on that day- Please share your preference. Going to email Mother's Acting Up to see if they have an event planned already. We talked about Passing out seed packets that say "Plant for Peace" and also asking people to donate to receive a certificate for their mothers ("Give the gift of peace to your mother").
Mom will like that.
We also talked about doing an actual planting for peace. Maybe as a memorial for vets around Memorial Day?
Vets will like that.
We should continue to generate ideas for the DNC. Check out Recreate 68 Website. Housing options? Themes/Costumes? Fundraising? Please email and share your ideas. Would you like to be part of a "Green Team" to make sure the events don't
have a negative environmental impact? We are also thinking about adopting a port-a-potty (sp?). Any thoughts?
None at all.

Planning on joining Impeach Colorado for one of their upcoming weekly protests. Will find out location, day and time and send that info. soon.

Meeting with others to discuss possibilities for collaboration, such as CO Campaign for Dept of Peace and Colorado Progressive Action.

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