Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lefty blogger: Spagnuolo, R!68 are "morons"

"Unconventional Conventionist" at the pompously named (and pompous) Denver blog Les Enragés.com ("This blog is ANTI-TORTURE") shows that even some leftists can see right through Spagnoodles & Co.:
I think you'll be able to understand that The Powers That Be have put the Convention in a very controlled spot. More footage later of Civic Center Park where I think most of the action is going to be, what with the upcoming battle of the Recreate '68 morons.
In response to a commenter who says "the hell raised by your 'morons' may well be the only evidence that anything real is going on at all at the 'Democratic' Convention. The fascists own it all," UC explains:

I call them morons as their agenda is their own aggrandizement; it's not to further any political agenda. I've been monitoring that Spagnuolo creature who is their mouthpiece for some time now and am pretty confident in making that assertion.

Refreshingly discerning.

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