Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Catching up with . . . Peter Kirstein!

America's dumbest professor (that's very, very, very dumb) tries to juggle two topics at once--the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the 4000th American killed in Iraq. Much waterboarding of the English language ensues:
I would echo the sentiments of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who is being used to Willy Horton the mildly progressive Senator Barack Obama, with his “god-damn America” sermon. [For a second there I was afraid Petey had actually done something original by using "Willie Horton" as a verb. No way, of course.]

I think if there is a heavenly engineer it would damn this country for its wars, use of torture, extraordinary renditions of alleged terror suspects, death penalty, Jim Crow, slavery, lack of universal health care and other egregious failings.

I think a Supreme Being, if there is such an entity, should not bless this country but indeed damn it with its violent efforts to secure fossil fuels, to advance Israeli interests and support of its terrorism against the long-suffering and devastated Palestinian people.
Not a classic Kirstein sentence, just lousy writing. This comes closer:
This is a nation drunk with blood, paranoid if it cannot dominate and power maximise a hegemonic control over the world.
On this day of 4,000 American military personal [sic, of course] having perished, I think of Reverend Wright’s brilliant statement that the United States used nuclear weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki and never gave it a thought, never apologised, never reflected on this genocide.
Good place to point out, once again, that Petey is a tenured professor of history.
I noted the reverend’s denunciation of those evil, city-busting nuclear attacks was shown over and over on cable television. I found his comments to be courageous, accurate and appropriate in tone and substance.
Peroration time. Deep-breathe for a minute. Now hold it. And . . . dive!
I hope that when the accounting for this latest war is tallied, there is more than another war memorial eating into the precious real estate of the Mall in Washington, D. C. in which we memorialise the sacrifice of the troops without questioning the rationale of those evil American elites that sent them to war. I hope that eventually the smug arrogance of American imperialism will lead to criminal prosecution of America’s senior civilian and military leadership. I hope there are a million Reverend Wrights who are not deployed by a cheerleading white dominated media, to silence a candidate who dares question American military action or to marginalise, in a racist manner, a candidate who is slightly more reflective of the need to change American foreign relations. We need candidates for the presidency who are not parroting the robotic vital center that is non-partisan in its racism, imperialism and marginalisation of creative dissent.
Everybody make it? Where's Mulgrew? Mulgrew! Mulgrew! We've got to find him! I promised his mother he wouldn't get hurt! Mulgrew!

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