Sunday, April 20, 2008

DNC short-film competition: Now even more anti-American!

Time to check in on Cinemocracy, the Democratic National Convention's short-film competition, in which filmmakers are invited to filmmake on the question, "How Do You Define Democracy?"

Only one new film this time, but it's a bad 'un: 2004: A Year in Dissent by "FluxRostrum." It pulls together clips of protests from throughout that year, from the G8 summit to the Million Worker March (15 thou, tops), but focuses on the protests at the Democratic and Republican national conventions:

Warning: features Dennis Kucinich; bad protest singing.

This is what we have to look forward to, Denveroons.

Funny how the images of self-righteous, narcissistic protesters, idiotic signs, childish props and histrionic arrests could be posted unchanged by a rightie blogger to show the peace creeps as the narcissistic, histrionic and childish people they are.

Wonder if anybody at the DNC has noticed yet that, of the 12 films submitted thus far, all except one are crude anti-Americana, or that several promulgate your more mainstream conspiracy theories?

The top ten films, remember, will be shown at an "event" in Denver during the convention, while the winner will be shown at the convention itself and at the Starz Denver Film Festival (no cowtown!) in November. They better get some more milquetoasty (not to mention saner) contributions up by July 15 (the contest end-date) or they might have to stealth-jettison (too late) the whole extremely dumb idea.

Voting is open to anyone. Right now the least offensive film (though still offensive in its liberal smarminess), Colorado Youth at Risk, has 3.7 stars and a slight lead over the quite stupid and nasty So Were You, at 3.3. My favorite, or at least the one I voted for, the Troofer mini-epic Bodies, is currently at 3.2.

Update: Many more bad rad films posted at the FluxRostrum blog, Vlog-flux.

Update II: Haven't received my credentials to blog inside the convention from the DNC yet. I'm getting a little antsy.

Update III: Redstate warns that downtown Denver is going to be WAY underpoliced, and a commenter shows his math.

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