Friday, April 11, 2008

Film buff's corner

Occasional frequenter Mason notes this short, posted at the Democratic National Convention site, on Things To Do in Denver When . . . You're At The DNC (geddit?). It deserves wide release because it tells the truth about Denver:

Basically all there is to do here is drink.

Bob Seger (ably covered by The Hamsters) said it best.

Update: Ably covered by the hamsters. That sounds weird.

Update II: Forgot the funny part (which Mason also pointed out): the related videos listed at the bottom of the screen include some from a new organization called So right on the DNC site you can watch anti-DNC videos.

ProtestDenver08 seems to be made up of a guy named Wolfgang Cushing. Check out part 3 of Wolfie's series on stalking a presidential motorcade. Synopsis: An idiot (Wolfgang Cushing) stands near Secret Service people and cops with a video camera and whines, "why can't I stand here? It's a public sidewalk, isn't it? Just tell me what law I'm breaking," and so on, while the fascists brutalize him with their annoyance. Cushing proves, as if more proof were necessary, that America is a police state, or at least a trifle impatient with dipshits:

Update III: This is too much: now one of the related videos is Recreate68's Mark Cohen speaking before the Denver City Council in favor of allowing protesters to camp in city parks during the DNC:

El Presidente said he looks like Ahmadinejad. Maybe a little.

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