Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't forget your jammies with the little hammer-and-sickles on them

Slapstick Politics notes an anti-war "Tent City teach-in"/slumber party at the University of Denver this weekend.

EP also links to Unconventional Action Midwest's call (in their first and so far only blog post) for protesters to adopt a delegate (to harass) at the Republican National Convention:
Unconventional Action Midwest invites all autonomous groups and individuals to“adopt a delegate” in preparation for the Republican National Convention taking place in St. Paul September 1-4.

How does it work? Easy! Simply choose a hotel and do what you can to [make] the delegate experience in the Twin Cities an unforgettable one!
And guess what:
In congruence with the RNC Welcoming Committee’s Points of Unity and the historic St. Paul Principles, UA-Midwest respects and encourages a wide diversity of tactics.
That sounds familiar.

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