Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Earth Hour Youth harass neighborhood

Post columnist Susan Greene:
This column came knocking at 8:10 p.m. Saturday.

"It's Earth Hour," said one of a gaggle of seven young neighbors holding candles on our front porch. . . .

"Why are your lights on?" asked [one], eyebrows furrowed, glaring at me with 120 watts of disappointment.

These were the children of the 500 block of High Street, a plucky bunch of grade-schoolers whose games and laughter grace our neighborhood even more than the tall trees.

When the clocks struck 8:00, they mobilized to save the planet by knocking loudly on neighbors' doors with a metal key — a technique one of the older boys learned selling tins of caramel corn for Boy Scouts.
Wonder what merit badge you get for that little stunt?
"We need to save all the juice in the earth so there will be some left when we're old," said 8-year-old Dara Pasquino.

"Just this hour of darkness is saving, like, trillions and trillions of gallons," added her brother, Dante, 10.

"We're teaching grown-ups not to be wasters," added Juliana Pfeifer, 6. "Besides, firelight makes you sing songs and tell stories. Candles make everything more wonderful."
You get the idea--probably got it eight links or so ago, huh?

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